A Great Start For Mental Health Recovery!


We are Seacoast Pathways Clubhouse, established in Portsmouth in 2014. Since then we have been serving the greater seacoast area by providing a non-clinical mental health recovery center with three main goals for our clients: deter hospitalization frequencies, provide meaningful relationships within a work/activity environment and promote a return to employment and community.

Following an international model provided by Clubhouse International, Seacoast Pathways operates under a variety of standards governing its members of which the most important are 1. Assuring their inalienable right to attend the clubhouse 2. Having ownership in their own recovery through attendance, work and activity engagement that is voluntary and meaningful to them 3. The right to form meaningful relationships. Many members have drastically reduced, or entirely eliminated hospitalizations,  returned to employment, or improved living standards in other ways.

The clubhouse model requires that staff and members operate the clubhouse together. There is no hierarchy of authority except for a Director who must make the most important decisions. Each member has a voice, a say and a vote in all aspects of clubhouse operation ranging from lunch menus to changes in operation hours and many other details of clubhouse culture.

Founded on the philosophy of inclusion rather than exclusion, members are made to feel wanted, needed, important and unconditionally accepted - concepts most always lacking for those battling mental health issues. It strives to provide a gateway back to a more meaningful life for those in recovery, especially following a mental health break or hospitalization.

Work activities are plentiful and for the choosing by members including planning, preparing and serving lunch, receptionist work at the front door, event planning, fund raising, running a snack bar and others. Creative outlets are also available. Music Wellness is offered weekly as are creative writing and occupational therapy sessions through an association with UNH.  Staff and members also operate a podcast and create videos. Members have numerous opportunities to personalize their experience such as working one-on-one with  staff in pursuit of personal goals or wanted life skills such as financial management or pursuing education. Best of all, the program is entirely free and some with transportation issues can find a free ride through organizations that bill Medicaid if eligible. The clubhouse has a unique employment program designed to support members at their jobs, or find new ones.

We're proud to be a part of The Patch Local Community and look forward to keeping our community updated with not only news from our clubhouse but from the mental health world in the seacoast right here! Our members will show you what they are made of!

Seacoast Pathways is a free, non-clinical mental health "clubhouse"for adults in Portsmouth, NH. For more information call 603-812-9031 or email seacoastpathways@gmail.com

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