Living Recovery Helps Our Members


Seacoast Pathways, a program of Granite Pathways, is a mental health recovery peer community in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Every Wednesday our clubhouse staff member and licensed CRSW, Scott Garnett, hosts a recovery group for those dealing with co-occurring disorders. The meeting takes place at the clubhouse on Brewery Lane at 3:30 and is also accessible via Zoom. One member of the group, "A,"  recently wrote her thoughts on how the group has helped her....

Dear anyone who feels that they are struggling with a co-occurring disorder...

 I am a member of the Living Recovery Group at Seacoast Pathways. The Living Recovery Group is for people who feel like they struggle with mental health and substance use disorder. I love this group! Everyone is so supportive. They help me to learn about my co-occurring disorder which, I have found out, is not that uncommon among people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. People struggle with this type of disorder all the time. And, they end up having very difficult life experiences because of it. Anything from family problems, loss of dignity and self-worth, problems with the law, and homelessness. However, there is nothing that actually defines us as having a co-occurring disorder. If you think you suffer from this disorder, you are welcome here at Seacoast Pathways for our co-occurring disorder group, and feel free to bring a friend if it makes it more comfortable for you to come. All are welcome! Remember, if you’re looking for ways to fill your recovery toolbox, support is such a vital tool. Always reach out! It is so important. I used substances to cope with the emotions that were too hard for me to feel, but over time I also found out that I cannot use substances without something terrible happening, or feeling tons of guilt and shame. That’s why I came to the Living Recovery Group at Seacoast Pathways. I love this group!

Note - anyone can join this group. Give us a call for more information 603-812-9031 or email us at

Seacoast Pathways is a free, non-clinical mental health "clubhouse"for adults in Portsmouth, NH. For more information call 603-812-9031 or email

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