Seacoast Pathways Joins The Re-Opening Culture!


Seacoast Pathways, a program of Granite Pathways, is a mental health recovery peer community in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

As so many businesses and organizations are re-opening, Seacoast Pathways Clubhouse joins the movement! Not that the free, non-clinical mental health organization has been completely closed - it has been in "hybrid mode" since July 8 of last year with roughly 50% attending in person and 50% on Zoom. But now is the time to return to 100% personal attendance while still keeping strict covid standards of safety in place - masks, distancing and lots of hand washing.

It's no secret that Covid has taken a major toll on all age groups - especially mentally. Anyone who feels they have been suffering, or has a mental health diagnosis is urged to check out Seacoast Pathways. Those members who have been staying away are also encouraged to take similar steps and return.

The Clubhouse is designating April as a new "re-opening" and the month is dotted with many events and opportunities.

Co-Occurring Disorder support groups take place every Wednesday at 3:30 pm. The Clubhouse needs help launching its "Earth Day" Online Auction that will begin April 18. Music Wellness, Creative Expressions Group, Special free Pizza Lunch Fridays and Zoom Open Houses are all in the offing. It's also a great time to "brush up" those personal goals. If you're doing "spring cleaning" in your house or yard, you should certainly be doing some of that for yourself mentally. This means re-connecting...with people, activities and goals. This is exactly what Seacoast Pathways is all about! An unwritten motto there is, "You shouldn't have to do this alone!"

The Clubhouse offers a golden opportunity for any adult with a referral by a licensed mental health professional to, "get out of their own way"  just a little and connect with the community. It has long been recognized as a key piece to recovery. Seacoast Pathways offers friendship, great coffee, and opportunities to help operate a working, vibrant, non-clinical (no therapists!) environment. Helping others is therapeutic!

Located at 155 Brewery Lane in Portsmouth, Clubhouse hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Current members who have been home are encouraged to return. Any others interested in becoming members or just want to learn more about the Clubhouse can drop in with no appointment (it's very casual) or call 603-812-9031 or email In addition, anyone can have a Zoom orientation with Seacoast Pathways. Take that first step!

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