Seacoast Pathways Newsletter - Spring 2021



Spring, 2021 Edition

Seacoast Pathways, a program of Granite Pathways, is a mental health recovery peer community in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

We Have A New Look!

When you received this newsletter you may have noticed something different. We now have our own news site at Seacoast Pathways News - Portsmouth New Hampshire Local News, Events, Classifieds and Alerts | Seacoast Pathways News ( This new format will make accessing and receiving news from Seacoast Pathways at your point and click convenience! We suggest you bookmark the link, and jump on any time to see what's happening with not only our Clubhouse but with other organizations such as Safe Harbor Recovery Center. We will also be using this site to send you special news alerts and exciting upcoming events.

 Please consider being a supporter or advertiser on our news site. We have low rates for three categories: small business, large business and individual supporter(just an ad with your encouraging words!) Contact us at

Online Auction A Big Success!

 Our very first Earth Day themed online auction in April did incredibly well. Thanks to our supporters, we netted $6,000 in winning bids and individual donations. We are so very grateful to the businesses and individuals who donated their time, services, bids and merchandise! We thank you! The above hand-made birdhouse was a crowd pleaser and one of many creative endeavors donated by area and distant artists. Birdhouses, paintings, photographs, and books embraced  the environmental theme in the Arts category.  Other categories boasted Pontoon rides on the Great Bay, a weekend at a lakehouse, gift cards to numerous businesses and services, memberships to Fuller Gardens, yard, garden and personal services, bike tune-ups and loads and loads of mulch!

Welcome O.T. Intern, Josh Routhier!

Our New O.T. Intern!

This Spring Josh Routhier, an Occupational Therapy intern from University of New Hampshire, joined our staff. Seacoast Pathways has been in a partnership with the Occupational Therapy program of the UNH Department of Health and Human Services for almost four years. Josh wasted no time becoming part of our community and has added a needed element of structure to the Clubhouse. Like the interns before him, Josh has presented wellness activities that perfectly complement the work ordered day. They have served as refreshing breaks between work tasks and he has reached out to members for their input as to subject matter that interests them. Currently, our members have expressed interest in sleep hygiene, personal finance, interview skills and managing stress. Josh's presentations usually occur right after lunchtime which is a half-way point in Clubhouse hours. He uses a variety of techniques and methods that are designed to engage members, rather than just talking to them. His most recent endeavor was about using gratitude for elevating mood. He also conducts brief, light meditations. But that's not all! Josh will meet with any member who requests one-on-one attention to work on personal goals or skills, often participates in helping members keep the kitchen unit organized and functioning efficiently and is a positive and cheerful advocate for “all things Clubhouse.” We have a great O.T. intern in Josh and are very grateful to have him with us! Drop in and meet him!

A Welcome Return to the Portsmouth Hospital Behavior Unit

The Clubhouse looks forward to returning to the Portsmouth Hospital Behavior Unit soon! Since our earliest days, small contingencies of staff and members have made weekly presentations to patients as part of our outreach mission. Recently we received an email from the hospital asking us to return now that CDC guidelines and hospital protocols indicate that it's safe to do so. We were flattered and are charged up to return! Visiting patients who may be in crisis can be one of the most challenging activities we offer – it isn't easy for any of us, members or staff, to see people hospitalized and suffering. That said, our message continues to convey hope, and our clubhouse services can help them on their journey to recovery once they are discharged. Several are now Seacoast Pathways members! 

This past Spring we created this video to show to the patients upon our return.


Open Houses

Seacoast Pathways continues its series of monthly Open Houses offered both in person at 155 Brewery Lane in Portsmouth and on Zoom. Anyone interested in learning about us can attend. The events are from 1 pm-3 pm. No reservations are required. Members and staff will be present to explain how Clubhouses help recovery and describe some of the activities members share. Open Houses will run approximately every month. Dates will be posted on our two Facebook pages and our news site Seacoast Pathways News - Portsmouth New Hampshire Local News, Events, Classifieds and Alerts | Seacoast Pathways News (

Summer of Wellness

Ready To Be Outdoors!

We are as happy as anyone to see Winter end and Summer approach! There is a new spirit in the Clubhouse! We have initiated a program entitled, "Summer of Wellness," that promotes healthy lifestyles and taking in all the benefits of being outdoors. Recently, staff and members brainstormed a variety of possibilities ranging from beach trips to picnics, wellness and nature walks, outdoor concerts and art walks. At this writing, a group trip is planned to Strawbery Banke's very popular Music In The Afternoon. On June 29 we will listen to and enjoy the music of Jordan Tirrel-Wysocki, an award winning, New Hampshire-based fiddle player specializing in Celtic music. Anyone can join us, just call the Clubhouse at 603-812-9031 for more information. Additionally, members and staff will be attending its annual jaunt over to Hampton Beach to view the Sand Sculpture competition as well as holding a Coney Island Hot Dog Day with corn hole toss competition at the Clubhouse to celebrate the start of Summer. Both events are in June.

Accreditation Process

Accreditation looms!

We are excited about our accreditation process through the auspices of Clubhouse International (International Center For Clubhouse Development.) Long delayed because of the pandemic, we are approaching a time when we will be visited by an accreditation "faculty team." In preparation, Clubhouse members and staff have been completing a rather lengthy process of a "self-study" for this visit. An accreditation will give our Clubhouse greater recognition and funding as well as confidence that we are providing the best we have to offer for adults in mental health recovery! We look forward to the faculty team's visit in early August.

Disability Isn't In Her Vocabulary!

Miss Amazing Lauren!

We've written about one of our members, Lauren Hoepp, before and she is so dynamic it's difficult keeping up with her activities! She serves as a model for members. Her motto: “Disability isn't in my vocabulary!” Recently, Lauren engaged in a pageant run by Miss Amazing, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization on a mission to provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build confidence and self-esteem. This isn't really a beauty contest, although personal care is considered. It's more an endeavor by participants with disabilities to become empowered through self-knowledge and understanding. Lauren writes, “I chose to participate in the Miss Amazing Pageant. It was very educational. It taught me how to become more confident in myself. I learned more strengths than weaknesses about myself through the interview process. Seacoast Pathways really helped me through practicing for the interview. When I was asked about my disabilities I responded, “I may have disabilities, but it doesn't mean I can't do what others do. It just might take me a little longer.” Amen, Lauren. At Seacoast Pathways we urge members to focus on what they do well and like to do and that there's no point in judging yourself on what you can't do because, after all, no one can do everything. Lauren demonstrates this attitude every day in our Clubhouse, and it is infectious!

Recurring Events In Our Community

Veterans Recovery Support Group - Mondays 12 pm -1 pm, Safe Harbor Recovery Center, 865 Islington Street Portsmouth, NH  603 -570-9444

Living Recovery Co-Occurring Support Group - Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:30 pm, Seacoast Pathways, 155 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH 603-812-9031

Parenting Journey in Recovery (formerly Sober Parenting Journey)  is running sessions on Fridays from 1-3 pm at Safe Harbor Recovery Center, 865 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH 603-570-9444

Open House! - Seacoast Pathways is conducting open houses on various upcoming dates. To find out more information call 603-812-9031 or email

Seacoast Pathways is always looking for members. If you have a mental health issue, or know of someone who has, contact us 603-812-9031 or email us at Our service is free and we can help!

155 Brewery Lane, Portsmouth, NH 08301          


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