**Event Alert** McLean Hospital Mental Health Webinar

Facing Insecurities With Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is more than being fixated on one part of your image; the preoccupation on seemingly small aspects of your appearance can be crippling. The insecurity over flaws, visible or not, can lead to serious emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and shame.

So what can we do to better understand and address BDD, whether we have it or know someone who does? Is it possible to overcome the condition?

Join us as Roberto Olivardia, PhD, explains the ways that BDD can be life-altering, discusses the factors that can contribute to body dysmorphic disorder, and answers questions about ways to navigate body insecurities and self-consciousness.

Join us: Wednesday, November 17 @ 11am ET To register:https://home.mcleanhospital.org/webinar-89

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